Our Staff

Our team is led by a dedicated and experienced group of coaches who are passionate about developing the skills and talents of our players. Our coaching staff includes individuals with a variety of backgrounds and qualifications, all of whom are committed to helping our players achieve their goals and reach their full potential. On this page, you can learn more about our coaches and their areas of expertise, as well as their coaching philosophy and approach to player development. We believe that our coaching staff is one of the key factors in our success as a team, and we are proud to have them leading the way on and off the field.

Leonardo Saude


Coach Leo is one of the founders of Covered Bridge Soccer Club. Born in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, he began his career at the young age of 14 in Venda Nova FC. He worked himself up the ladder to Vitoria FC & Vila Nova. By the age of 18 he had started his professional career in Maia Lidador FC in Porto, Portugal and Calipolense FC, south of Portugal. 

Valdemar Fajardo


Valdemar’s soccer journey began in Mexico when he was only 8 years old, shortly after, he relocated to the United States. As a dedicated sports coach, he is always eager to support his players and help them achieve their full potential. Valdermar’s ultimate goal is to see them become professional athletes one day!

Sergio Santos


Sergio Santos was born in Brazil and he has had a successful career in soccer. He became the U15 and U17 national champion and has played for ARUC and C.M. Club. In addition to playing soccer, Santos has also worked as a coach at several academies including One Goal Soccer Academy, All-Star Soccer Academy, and SSA where he specializes in coaching goalkeepers. His true passion lies in teaching the Brazilian style of playing soccer and he strives to pass on his knowledge to the next generation of aspiring players.

Jose Pineda


Coach Jose is one of the coaches who has been helping to develop young talent for the soccer club. He has a rich history with the sport, having played soccer from a very young age, and continuing to do so throughout his high school years. In fact, he was an integral part of his varsity team, joining them in his freshman year and starting every game from then until his senior year. He transitioned into coaching in 2022 when he joined Covered Bridge. However, his passion for coaching and mentoring started long before then, having spent many years helping to train his younger siblings, all of whom have gone on to play for the club as well.

Javier Cerdas

Goalkeeper Coach

Originally from Costa Rica, coach Javier played for his university teams in New York and Georgia. Through the years he has participated in different soccer leagues around the Atlanta area, as well as indoor soccer in Marietta. Goalkeeping is his passion and he’s a huge fan of Deportivo Saprissa and international goalkeeper, Keylor Navas.

Eduardo Tortorelli


Eduardo was born in Brazil and has been involved with soccer for 45 years , playing amateur league and high school. Playing Futsal , beach soccer , coaching and passionate for watching games decided to do the physical Education degree . Love the sport and think that any player can be and do better with a profound desire to grow . 

David Rosales


David Rosales is very passionate about meaningful conversations. Whether exploring deep topics or sharing personal anecdotes, he is always eager to engage in thoughtful discussions. Additionally, he has a curious mind that loves to understand how things work, especially when it comes to the stunning visuals in films. This fascination with the craft has led him to pursue filmmaking, and he has gained invaluable experience over the last five years shooting sports videos and other projects.

Mattheus Ribeiro

Graphic Designer

Mattheus Ribeiro, known as “Theuz” is 24 years old and originally from Tocantins, Brazil. He is truly passionate about his work and currently, he is the Director of Arts for the Covered Bridge Soccer Club.