Health Nutritionist

joins the club

Health Nutritionist joins the club

As the first change following our participation in the International Porto Cup in Portugal, Covered Bridge has added a nutritionist to their staff, Terry Kariuki. The objective is to enhance the athletes’ physical performance during training and games by improving their diets.

Terry’s role is to speak with each athlete and comprehend their daily routines, so they can follow a personalized diet that optimizes their physical efforts throughout the week. Given that this sport involves several body types, with unique performance demands for each position, this task is both comprehensive and essential.

My responsibility as a Nutritionist, is to help people embrace the
joy of eating well and create a healthy a lifestyle. As a certified
Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and healthy cooking and eating
expert, I help others approach food from healthier perspective,
forget diet and focus on balance diet and whole foods. I help
people understand food nutrition value, macro calculation, food
portion control, metabolic issues related to poor nutrition such as
under eating or poor relationship with food.

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